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The myth of Atlantis is well-known, and the story has been so captivating that some people have even gone in search of the lost city.

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National Work Life Week

This week, October 11 – 15, is National Work Life Week.

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Battersea's New Station

We were delighted for our client, and everyone involved in the wider Battersea Power Station and Northern Line Extension (NLE) projects to see the opening of Battersea Power Station and...

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Flexible Transport Planning - Lessons from the Beeching Cuts

You probably do not need to be a transport planner to be aware of Dr Beeching.

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Schrodinger’s Vehicles – London has more cars, but car ownership is not changing

Even without the upheaval of a global pandemic, most of us would say there are more cars in London now than there used to be, so it seems logical to...

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GIS and big data in development transport planning

It has been 10 years since I started using geographic information system (GIS) software.

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Rapid Transit and Urban Recovery: How Should Urbanists Respond?

  Andreas Markides as vice-chair of the Academy of Urbanism (AoU) was instrumental in organising and running this seminar on rapid transport and urban recovery, which produced some key outputs and recommendations,...

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What are We Going to do with Highway Engineers?

People from outside my profession will invariably refer to my fellow professionals as highway engineers or transport planners and sometimes as just traffic consultants.

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How Different Approaches to Transport are Shaping the Future of the London Resort Theme Park.

The London Resort Theme Park is a nationally significant infrastructure project located on the Swanscombe Peninsula, within Kent, which lies on the south bank of the River Thames, approximately 30...

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From Land's End to John o'Groats - £7,000 Raised for Crisis

MA are very proud to announce that, together with supporters from MA Aarchitects, Peacock & Smith, AHMM, CBRE, DWD, Reside, West End Project, Town Legal, Countryside, New Steer, MAA, HGH,...

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