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Autumn Newsletter - the latest in Industry News and Commentary

Autumn Newsletter - the latest in Industry News and Commentary


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This Newsletter could have been unusual, as everything in our lives over the last few months has been dominated by COVID-19. We have been fortunate at Markides Associates in that none of our staff, or their families, have been directly affected by the pandemic, but we recognise of course that thousands of people have.

In this Newsletter we decided not to mention the pandemic, primarily because we wanted to show that life carries on. Instead, we will show you that we continue to work on many different and fascinating projects. We do so whilst hoping that all of us will soon be able to turn the page and we will all be able to emerge into a better world.

Andreas Markides

Congratulations to our clients Fawley Waterside Ltd!
We are delighted that the redevelopment scheme for Fawley Power Station, located on the west bank of Southampton Water, has been granted approval by the New Forest District and the New Forest National Park Authority. The Fawley Waterside development is to consist of:
  • 1,500 homes
  • 96,500sqm of commercial, civic and employment space
  • A canal, dock and boat stack
  • Community infrastructure including a primary school, public open space and land that would be used to create wildlife habitats.
MA assisted in creating a compact and walkable, medium density layout to encourage low-traffic streets and priority for people walking and cycling. We also designed a new adopted highway providing access to the site off the B3053, involving extensive discussions and optioneering, and developed a detailed design code for the streets within the development. Given the site’s rural location, taking the local context into account in developing the design guidance was imperative.
Revising Manual For Streets

We are pleased to announce that our Expression of Interest bid to revise Manual for Streets, in partnership with Urban Movement, has been welcomed by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT), and we have now been shortlisted for the project.

75% of public space is comprised of streets and roads, so their function, design and appearance can have lasting impacts on how people live their lives, as well as on social, environmental and economic vitality and sustainability. Manual for Streets offers best practice guidance for street design; however, issues such as lack of widespread use, changes to the planning framework and emerging technologies mean that it is now time to revise these documents to ensure that as a profession, we contribute to sustainable, healthy and active communities.
Modelling and Technology at Battersea Power Station

MA leads on all transport planning and design aspects of the masterplan for the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station, which will become London’s first formally designated new town centre in decades.

As part of our work, we have advised on a wide range of transport and design matters, including leading the coordination of streetscape design, safeguarding routes for pedestrians and cyclists based on demand and comfort, and designing to accommodate a wide range of emerging technologies - including facilities for Private Hire Vehicles (e.g. Uber), ‘Urban Eats’ (e.g. Deliveroo) and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

Additionally, we have led a detailed analysis of future logistics and car parking strategies for the development. This included building a comprehensive VISSIM model of the internal car parks, loading areas and adjacent highway network in order to appropriately evaluate our proposed car park management strategies, and review their impacts on the adjacent highway network, to determine if any highways mitigation would be required.

Staff Announcements
  • We warmly welcome Stephen Forber to the infrastructure team. 
  • Andreas Markides gave a presentation to Cork City Council about international best practice in placemaking, as well as mediating and contributing to various Academy of Urbanism webinars.
  • Panos Floros has recently submitted his application for CEng.
  • Sarah Chapman has joined the Academy of Urbanism as a Young Urbanist.
  • Belen Asensio and Carlos Sanchez have enrolled onto MA’s ICE accredited training scheme.
  • Annika Davies has recently completed an MSc in Transport Planning and Management from the University of Westminster.
New London Awards 2020 Shortlist

Markides Associates are thrilled to hear that the redevelopment proposals for a site between Wellfit Street and Hardess Street by our client, Essee, have been shortlisted for New London Architects' ‘New London Awards 2020', within the ‘Experiencing Culture’ category.
The development proposals are located within the London Borough of Lambeth, and offer an exciting blend of ground floor, light industrial ‘maker’ space for creative industries, and 170 residential homes within two 29 / 30 storey tower blocks, drawn up by our friends Metaphorm Architects.
The proposals will help to open up the area for pedestrian movements, creating an east/west link through the site and improving access to existing businesses within the adjacent railway viaducts.
The proposals are currently pending consideration, with Markides Associates having helped inform delivery, servicing and parking strategies, in addition to preparing the Transport Assessment and Travel Plan submitted as part of the planning application.
You can read more about the project by clicking HERE
Or go one better and vote for the project within the Peoples Choice Award using the button below!
We look forward to hearing the outcome of the awards in November.

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Sustainable Construction and its Impact on Transport

Markides Associates have been appointed by Landsec to assist in the planning and design for a large commercial development on the South Bank, in the London Borough of Southwark.

As part of Landsec’s commitment to sustainable design and innovation, the two commercial buildings are being designed using a combination of the partial reuse of the existing structure for one of the buildings and the use of a hybrid/Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structure for the other. Through this approach, the carbon emissions associated with the redevelopment, from all aspects of development, will be significantly reduced compared to a traditional office site redevelopment in the City.  

As part of our work, we undertook a detailed exercise analysing the difference in construction vehicle trips generated by this hybrid build versus traditional build methods. In the case of this development, the construction phase undertaken by hybrid method was estimated to generate approximately 75% less construction trips that a traditional construction method for the same phase would have generated, resulting in a forecast of around 2,500 fewer trips over the entire construction period. This significant reduction in construction traffic allowed Landsec to clearly demonstrate to the London Borough of Southwark its commitment to sustainable design and the reduction of carbon emissions associated with the redevelopment.

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