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National Work Life Week

National Work Life Week

This week, October 11 – 15, is National Work Life Week. National Work Life Week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and work-life balance.

Work–Life Balance

Here at Markides Associates, as part of National Work Life Week, we have been exploring what our team does to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Sarah Chapman, one of our Senior Transport Planners had this to say:

For me, getting the best work-life balance is having the time to be creative. When I’m not transport planning, I’m painting and illustrating with a small arts group – ink, brush painting and digital works too. My 2020 3-week furlough project was a picture book for my niece about our family’s daft cat, and through 2021 I’ve illustrated around 20 different fairy tales and urban myths for another project. If I’m not throwing paint around at a weekend, I’ll be found at the farmer’s market, plotting my next culinary adventure. Recent recipes have been char sui pork belly for ramen, roast partridge in elderberry sauce, and homemade macha ice-cream!

SC Illustration

SC Food

Rhianna Moughton, one of our Infrastructure Technicians, loves films, history and playing sports outside of work. She’s currently part of a recreational netball league with the memorable team name – “Hoops I did it again”!

Beata Libiszewska, our newly joined Principal Engineer, Flood Risk and Drainage Lead, loves to dance salsa in her non-work time. She said:

I’m looking forward to getting back into salsa in the next few weeks, now that Covid restrictions are lifting. I’m also looking forward to meeting larger groups of friends – I’ve missed that over the last 18 months!

Peter Thompson, one of our Principal Transport Planners, loves cycling and walking outside of work. He recently went on a beautiful bike ride by the River Crouch Estuary, where he also spent some time sitting quietly by the water.

PT Estuary

Ken Khiook, one of our Senior Infrastructure Engineers, loves being active. He’s part of the London Otters rowing club, training with them every week. He also enjoys playing the League of Legends video game, as well as watching anime and physics and maths videos – just for fun! That’s the kind of infrastructure engineer everyone needs on their team!

Wellbeing at Work

As well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Work Life Week also focuses on wellbeing at work. We asked some of our team what they do to support their wellbeing at work.

While Ken can’t quite fit rowing into his lunch break, he makes sure that he always goes for a lunchtime walk or a gym training session on working days.

Ed Josey, one of our Associates (who is also known as “Ed the Great”) loves having conversations with people when in the office, as a way of supporting his mental health when at work. And of course, stopping in at our Treats Table to see what’s on offer. That is definitely a collective approach to mental health wellbeing at Markides Associates! He also likes to go for walks at lunchtimes or go for a run in the morning before starting work.

Markides Associates also have an active Staff Social Club, organising monthly events for its members. Last month the team went for a spin on the Thames on a speedboat!

MA Boat

Flexible Working

Markides Associates prides itself on offering flexible working patterns to its employees, supporting them in maintaining healthy work-life balances.

Abi Boadu, our Accounts Consultant, works for Markides Associates on a part-time basis, so that she can be there for her family. She has three young boys, including a pair of twins! Her working pattern means she is able to spend valuable time with her children, being there to drop them off and pick them up from school every day.

Maryam Shakiba, one of our Transport Consultants, also works for Markides Associates on a part-time basis, but for quite a different reason:

When I’m not at Markides Associates, I work and train as an Indian classical dancer. I feel very fortunate to have Markides Associates’ support of my working pattern, which allows me to balance my career in the transport sector alongside my dance career. I love being skilled in both sectors – even though they seem quite different they essentially boil down to one thing – movement!

MS Dance

That was just a small snapshot of how the team at here at Markides Associates maintain a healthy work-life balance, and how Markides Associates are committed to providing fair and inclusive working patterns that support this. In doing so, we can support our diverse team to lead happy, well and balanced lives. We would love to hear what you do to support your work-life balance and how you support your well-being while at work!


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