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The Problem with the Census

With the nation filling out census forms, MA's Edward Holmes provides his thoughts on what the census means to transport planning and the limitations of the 2021 census.

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Everything Flows

Andreas Markides, as the new vice chair of the The Academy of Urbanism, is pleased to make a contribution to the Academy’s journal with the following article: https://journal. theaou.

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Who Owns the Road?

As discussed in our recent article ‘Once a Highway, Always a Highway?’ understanding the fundamentals of what constitutes a ‘highway’ and the process of removing highway rights can be critical...

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Once a Highway, Always a Highway?

The concept of what constitutes a highway was established long ago, when there were few written laws and local authorities were not in existence.

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Markides Moves to Employee Ownership Trust

Coming towards the end of a turbulent year for us all, we are proud to announce that Markides Associates is now wholly owned by its employees.

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MA Leads Kendal Speed Study

Markides Associates recently completed a feasibility and cost study for the expansion of existing 20mph zones within the town of Kendal on behalf of Kendal Town Council.

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Connected Cities and the Future of Rail

Markides Associates attended the 'Connected Cities: Rail at the Heart of Build, Build, Build' online conference on Monday 5th October 2020.

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New Hotel for London Luton Airport

Markides Associates are pleased to have been part of the design team for a 171-room hotel located adjacent to London Luton Airport, which achieved planning consent during last week’s Luton...

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Autumn Newsletter - the latest in Industry News and Commentary

Updates From Markides Associates This Newsletter could have been unusual, as everything in our lives over the last few months has been dominated by COVID-19.

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Cross Laminated Timber – The Benefits in Transport Terms

Want to reduce construction traffic by 75%? Maryam Shakiba and Matt Harris discuss their findings on the benefits of CLT.

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